Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New mornings

Love that I can post from my phone. So very cool. I missed  blogging.

It's a rainy morning.

The boys just left for day 3 of school.

It's just E & me.

He's such a happy little chatterer. His activity fills the moments between bus rides.

I'm up at 6:15 now. Jaxon leaves for the bus at 7:20. Luke gets up at 7 and leaves for the bus at 8:20. Our mornings are so different than those just 3 months ago.

Bickering and squabbling. And playing and laughing and scootering. Competing with one another. And sharing brotherly moments. It's so much easier and harder.

Jaxon is so much fun. Commanding every bit of my attention. Full of silly. Philosophical thoughts. Dreadful boy humor. Teasing. Thoughtful. He makes me roll my eyes and laugh every other moment.

Luke is moody. But quietly cheerful if he gets enough rest. I have to coax chatter from him. He's always deep in thought somewhere. Ready to create with Legos or make up a new game. This morning he invited Ethan to play an improvised game of basketball before he left for the bus.

So very cool of him.

I love these moments I get of them seperately. 

But I miss those times together too....