Monday, August 31, 2009

Luke's first day. . .

of Preschool. A day he has been waiting for (rather impatiently) for weeks.

We had to visit Dr. Talamo this morning for yearly check-ups (that Mama missed two weeks ago, oops). Jack in the 80th percentile, and Luke in the 85th. I can hardly believe, from the short family I come from, that my boys are so very tall. And that someday, I will be looking up to peek at them. . .

Anyways, a good visit, despite the two immunizations for Luke. Yikes. Jack, proud that his next ones won't be till age 11. . . But, Luke was brave, and just a small squeal followed by tears. . . poor him. . . Dr. Tawamo hurt me. . .

And then off to take Jack to school. Luke insisted that he go to school first. . .and was quite disappointed to learn he would have to wait for the afternoon.

But, once afternoon came, he was ready to go. . .with his sweet little Backyardigans backpack (that he chose himself at the Star House, along with a Yo Gabba Gabba picnic, aka lunch box), loaded with big crayons, a paint shirt, and his milk for snack.

He knew he wouldn't take the bus, and wondered if he could walk. Already telling Mama bye.

And smiled the whole way there. . .arm hanging out the window (he loves the wind to blow full in his face now. . .such a change since the baby days. . .).

He ran straight to the train table when we arrived, ready to build a new track layout. Happy to be at school with his new teachers (and naming them when he got there).

Didn't blink an eye when I told him goodbye. And looked to have a wonderful time.

He ran to greet me from the school door: open arms, wide-happy smile, and tight hug. Talked on and on all the way home (love that) about his day. . .he went on the potty when Mrs Davis asked him to. He had cookie and goldfish for snack. He played trains and built track.

A great day for a little guy's first away from Mama. Makes me so proud. . . and so sad. Can I really have two boys in school?

Friday, August 28, 2009

morning snuggles

His little feet patter down the steps 7:30 almost every summer morning. Frankie in hand, carried close to his face, caressing his cheek with love.

His eyes catch mine, and he gives me the open mouthed smile of Lukey excitement.

A run, and a full hug, climbing into my lap (and I wonder how much longer he will fit there).

He lays his little head on my shoulder. Frankie close, breathing in its comfort.

And we sit, quiet. . .

Good morning, my love. How are you today?


Our moments. Just being close together before we begin breakfast and toons (bancakes, or Mama Cereal, and milk).

It's one of the only moments in the day when he is so very still. My only chance to hold him so small, before he runs off in the frantic energy that grabs him, taking him on endless little boy adventures. . .

9/80 day. . .

Love that Sam has gone on 9/80. . . It has made every other weekend extra long and sweet. . .

Today we were up early to get Jack ready for school. . . Sam making chocolate chip pancakes (and using the new Mickey pancake shaper thingy, to be precise). Sending our Jack off to school with kisses and smiles (after listening to SpongeBob on Rhapsody, and a little Star Wars for good measure).

Cutting grass. . .
Making beds. . .
Washing dishes and clothes. . .

The everyday of every day. . .

And then sitting by an early afternoon fire. . . watching the world go by, luke climb and slide and swing, and the dogs run crazy. . . Adding rows to the baby blanket. . . And feeling a few stray raindrops, as we scurried under nature's umbrella (aka, our apple tree).

Enjoying lunch outside (hot roast beef). . . A quiet slow afternoon. . . Just sweet moments together. . .

Before running off to the bank to change accounts.

Catching Jack from the bus (only 10 minutes late today). And so glad to see his smiling face beneath a construction hat (which Luke has taken an immediate love to, because it's covered in coveted sign stickers).

Good days.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jack's first day. . .

Waking with a smile. Hugs. . . A bounce out of bed (and knowing that won't happen very often), and eager to wear his new Star Wars shirt. . .new glowing shoes.

Choosing french toast for breakfast (to save the favorite blueberry waffles for a day off). . .

Eager to see new friends and ride the bus again.

A new Clone Wars backpack and lunchbox. . .filled with Star Wars supplies (pencils, paper, ruler) and colored pencils, markers, and crayons. . . All those goodies that makes my heart wistful to be a little girl going to school once more. . .

Home 25 minutes late (apparently the bus driver had to go back to school for someone who got left behind). . . and a tired smile.

Happy, sweet hugs from a little brother.

And a desire for summer not to be quite over yet. . .for long, sweet simple days filled with laughter, togetherness, and nothing at all. . .but maybe building some new Lego creations and listening to Star Wars music on Rhapsody. . .

So tonight we cuddle all together on the big bed. . .watching Timmy and Jimmy. . .nursing a low fever. . . munching on popcorn. . . and holding onto those precious moments together. . .quiet, but blissfully together. . .before bedtime.

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Birthday Weekend!

Little birthday traditions in the Zeli house. . . love the idea of birthday weekend. Where birthdays are not just one day, but celebrated all weekend long (with lots of singing and silly fun and cake).

Jack's birthday kicked off the birthday weekend yesterday.

Waking up to songs from Dada, and then Mama. And the first birthday present in bed.

Streamers hung from the dining room ceiling. And a long wait for Dada to return home from work.

Birthday presents. Followed by a favorite dinner (which happened to be Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks).

Mama baked cupcakes (which Dada happily iced. . . .mmmm, icing). And we sang more Happy Birthday with candles and wishes and smiles.

And the night finished off with two little boys running around the house in clone trooper helmets and blasters searching for battle droids. And, of course, the building of Legos.

Today Dada is taking a half day to spend the birthday weekend with his boys. Tomorrow we're taking the boys to Kennywood. . .and a family party Sunday. Finshing off with Luke's birthday on Tuesday (when he unofficially turns eight).

Whew! Lots of fun for little boys (and Mamas and Dadas).