Tuesday, March 30, 2010


[He knocks at the door. . .]

Mama, I saw a merrfle.

A Merffle?

And it tried to look at me and sbloink me.



Well, they might look at you, but they won't sbloink you.

They just like to look all around?

Yep. They want to see what they can see.

Oh. Okay!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kindergarten Transition Night

We took Luke to visit his Kindergarten teachers tonight. . . Can it really be that time for him already?

Our first chance to see the school renovations (beautiful). . . And he loved it. . .

He spent the night searching for alphabet letters. . . Dancing to music with scarves and balloons and ribbons. . . Hearing stories. . . And playing with shapes.

That tiny little boy is growing up. Has a real eye for design and patterning. Loves music. And letters. And writing his name. And drawing houses. (Today he drew Zeli house. . .and after seeing his friend Will from Preschool, drew Will's house. . .which could possibly be a barn, since he lives on a farm. . .with three cats. . .three dogs. . .and a zebra. . .we're told. . .).

Love that four year old boy. . .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ethan McZeli

Our smiling and giggling Irish babe.

the leprechaun

Jack and Luke created leprechaun traps at the end of last week. . .in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day. . .in the hopes of catching that elusive little guy. Jack gathered precious Lego boxes. . .and cut a whole in the top in front of a cup full of "gold" (colored bits of gold paper).

And apparently, he stopped by early this morning for a visit. . .leaving a trail of sparkly shamrocks from the door into the dining room. And although he spotted "the trap", he must have jumped right back out again. . . But he did leave chocolate gold coins and sparkly shamrock stickers. . .

Before school, Jack made his beloved Junior his own leprechaun hat. . .

Loving these moments. . .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

blue sky day

A beautiful morning. Jack and I watched birds at the birdfeeder: Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal, the Chippies (aka the Sparrows), and some Titmice (or mouses?). Looking for some birdfood at the birdfeeder. . . and finding something in the grass to peck at. . . A delight to watch.

Looked up while waiting for Jack's bus. . . and we were delighted to see the blue sky.

And it felt warm.

So, I felt the need to spring clean. And started to wash windows. Did I mention last year that I started using newspapers to wash the windows? After I tried cleaning our new windows last spring with paper towels. . .and found that after all my work, they were all streaked. . . So, against my better judgement I tried the newspaper thing.

I have always heard that using newspaper was wonderful for windows. And I always shuddered inside. Really? Newspaper? It just seemed crazy to wash windows. . . to try and make them clean with newspaper. . . the stuff that leaves blank ink all over your hands while you read. . .

But. . . shocking. . . it really works. The paper that they use for newspaper absorbs ink. . . and therefore absorbs windex just as well. And leaves my windows beautifully clean. And, I'm a dirty newspaper using convert.

So, today, I washed some windows. . . And opened some windows to let in the warm air. . . And washed sheets. .. And the house just smelled like Springtime: fresh air and laundry.

When Jack got home from school, we put Ethan in the stroller and took a walk to the library (Ethan's first outside stroll). Wonderful to walk through the neighborhood. I think we'll have to do more of that this spring & summer.

Jack got his own library card and some good books: the next Magic Treehouse, Henry and Mudge (at the beach), and an Easter book. Luke picked Dora's a Big Sister (pretty appropriate, I think), Blue's Clues Alphabet (he's such a letter boy), and Maisy (the "mousie book").

Ethan was happy to look around and then doze. Perfect afternoon.

Hope Spring is on the way. . .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

right now. . .

In the age of velcro, this big boy tied his shoes by himself for the first time this morning before school. Very exciting. Very necessary, since the velcro on his police shoes split last week, and the only shoes he can wear have laces.

I can stand on the porch in my bare feet. . .

Even while there's snow still in the yard. How cool is that?

I'm looking at our current ride until the car is fixed (from the dear lady in Greensburg who opened the door into the side of my car, ripping off the passenger mirror, as I drove past. . .who almost left the scene, until I waved her down. . .who told me that it was all my fault. . . but I digress. . .). Very cool. Loving the satellite radio and the new car smell.

This little one now giggles when you tickle under his chin (but only in the early morning after his first bottle feeding). Smiles so sweetly, all the time.
Doesn't want to be out of sight, and smiles when you come back to his Hey, Mama! calls. Sadly, is growing. . . so that his 0-3 month shirts are excruciatingly difficult to put on. And I would keep stuffing him in them, if I wasn't terrified that I would break his little baby arm in the process. So, this morning he wears his cute little Gap beep! shirt. . . 3-6 month size. . . Sigh. . .

Feeling sentimental today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

this morning, we danced. . .

It's been a while. . . but Luke was ready for some music to dance. . .

So Dada loaded up Rhapsody, and we danced. . . all the Zelis . . . to some old school. . . Jack's infamous Champ. . . and some new stuff. . .

Ethan got a new look. . .

And we all had a great time. Favorite moments together.

Friday. . .

This little one almost giggled. . . I was getting him dressed and tried to snap that top little snap on his fleecy shirt. . . and he grinned so big. . . and cooed. . . are baby giggles on the way? So sweet.

So happy this morning to see his morning bottle. As I shook it (Shake-a, shake-a!) to mix the powder and water in front of him, he smiled so wide. . . and opened his little mouth, ready for breakfast. Such a happy morning.

The little boy who refused to wear the white shirt for pictures Wednesday night. . . who said that he doesn't like white shirts. . . he likes shirts with things on them. . . Wanted to wear this shirt to school today. To be handsome. (And, he is so handsome. . . even when he's driving me wild. . . my little impish boy).

Jack lost tooth #8. . . And decided that he would like to keep this one (with tears in his eyes. . . he's such a sentimental boy).

And ended the day watching Clone Wars all together. . . (well, the smaller Zelis watched. . . Mama and Dada snoozed). Another good day. . .