Thursday, August 26, 2010

marvelling. . .

After brushing teeth, Sam grabbed Jack and I to peek at the moon outside. . . and Jupiter. . .

Luke's fascination with Moonie Moon, always has us looking upwards. . . And lately we have been looking for Venus. Sometimes Mars. They always seem to be peeking out at us up there. Exciting to know what we're looking at.

But, tonight, it was Jupiter hanging low in the sky. We woooowed in our jammies. Amazed at how clear the night was. Excited to see a new planet.

And then journey back upstairs to read Harry Potter, and give kisses goodnight.

And while I brushed my teeth, Sam grabbed me again. Quick!

He had gotten out his telescope. To peek at Jupiter up close. . .

And, to see this. . .

So bright and beautiful. The clearest we have seen in his telescope. Ever. Breathtaking.

And I had to grab Jack from his dreams so that he could marvel with us.

And then I grabbed my baby Canon. To see what I might be able to catch. Pretty cool.

Even better to just sit outside, listening to the crickets. Watching the heavens.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

he calls her "Junie Bean". . .

Last night we finished the first book. He's eagerly looking forward to beginning the second book tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

she's back. . .

I went upstairs into the hot attic this morning to find her. . .

It's been three years since we've heard her silly talk. . . heard about her outrageous adventures. . .

And, I think we've missed having her around.

So, I brought down a great big stack of Junie B. Jones books. . . that have been waiting for little Luke to finally turn five. . .

I first read them to my Kindergarten class. . . gracious. . . must be almost 11 years ago? I remember shaking my head at the crazy things that she did. Thinking how out of this world they were. Clearly exaggerated. . . And my Kindergartners loved them. Every year I would bring them out, starting with The Stupid, Smelly School Bus. And ending with Graduation Girl. We would read a few chapters at a time, at rest time. Getting a little further each day. Probably finishing a book in a week or so. . .

And I remember how excited I was to read them to Jack. How I missed her silly ways. . . And how he loved reading about Junie B. Giggling. . . His first chapter book. We read a chapter or two every night. Until he couldn't take it anymore. . . And brought it downstairs one afternoon (about a week before school started) and demanded we finish it.

And we did. In one sitting.

And he carried that book around for days. Looking over and over again at the pictures. Couldn't wait to ride the school bus for himself.

So, this morning I found the Junie B. books for Luke. Excited.

He, on the other hand, was less than enthusiastic. "Let's read it later." he told me all afternoon. First, after lunch. And then after he played the Wall E game. And then, later still.

"OK, then. I'll read it to Jack," I said.


At first he hid around the side of the couch as I completed the first chapter (which was about as far as I was going to go).

He crept closer and closer to get a peek at the pictures.

"Read Jack another chapter," he said.

So, I did. By chapter three, he was up on the couch looking at the pictures. Laughing at her exploits (which sound so very familiar. . . those once "out of this world" adventures sound so very much like the adventures of our Luke. . .).

We stopped at chapter 4.

And picked up there at bedtime.

We read to chapter 7. "Just one more page," he asked. But, it's getting late, and I'm trying to get these little night owls into a routine (school starts in 2 weeks, sigh. . .).

So, he was happy to look at the pictures and make up his own story (we stopped at the point where Junie B. is hiding in the school room so she doesn't have to ride the bus home. . .I hope he's not getting any ideas. . .).

So hard to imagine that my own baby is going to Kindergarten like Junie B. Where did that time go?

But, overjoyed at the thought of revisiting an old friend in the process. . .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

he likes. . .

A slow start to the day. . .

I found him here on Thursday. . .

Lying quietly. . . And I couldn't disturb him .. . And thought of what a perfect little place for that boy. . .to just be able to wake up and peek out at the world. The woods. And wondered if maybe he was dreaming of playing at his playground. . .

So, when he smiled at me, I asked what he was watching.
He said he was watching the a squirrel play.

So very cool.

This morning, he awoke unhappily (which is not unlike him)... So, we had some water, and went to watch toons on my bed. . . just the two of us. . . And we laid there watching Max and Ruby. He would turn and look at me. Quiet. And smile. We shared frankie. And watched Max as he plotted to ride the Rocket Racer. And I was reminded of our little ride together on the bumper cars at the beach amusement park (and how we laughed. . . and bumped Jack twice). And how Jack wanted to ride them just a few years before, when he was four, and wasn't quite tall enough. . .and how very disappointed he was. . . ).

Sometimes, the quietest moments are the sweetest. . .

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it was not my best day . . .

yesterday. . .

Waiting 20 minutes at the photolab at Walmart. Really? Not because there was a huge line, but because no one would come to the register. 20 minutes waiting with three bouncing, jumping, cart-shaking boys. And when she finally arrived, I got the oh well attitude.

One of those cart-shaking boys decided he did not want to put back a set of stickers in JoAnns. Stubborn. Defiant. Would Not Budge. And clutched to his chest in fists. And Mama told him that she was not paying for them. And if he kept them, that would be stealing and the police would take him to jail. That did it. [I'm working on my Mother of the Year award.]

And the line at the pharmacy of Giant Eagle was no better. Five of us stood there. . . eight women walked around behind the counter. . . doing this and that. . . but not making eye contact with us, the customers. I heard whispers of who is supposed to be working on register? Well, she just went on break. Really?

Don't get me started on my soap box about customer service. And how there just isn't any. And about back in the day when I worked in the grocery store. . . Eye roll. . . Groooaan. . .

Nope. That's not what this is about.

It's about the little old man I met in the cereal aisle. The one who walked one step at time. One step, then the other foot would catch up. Slow. But no complaints.

He smiled at little Ethan. Told me he was cute. And how he had five children. And that he had to work two jobs every day to make enough money to care for them. How he would be so tired in the morning. And his wife would tell him to get up so he make money for Linda (their youngest).

You can rest now, I said.

Nope. I would go back in a heartbeat, he said. I loved every minute of it. I miss those days. We would bring two carts to the grocery store with our five kids.

And it brought it all back into perspective.

These are the best days, even when they seem the worst.

And, we decided to turn a bad day into a good one. Bought some cool things from the gumball machine (Luke chose two stinkin head dice. . .imagine that). And stopped at the Dairy Queen drive through for two dilly bars and a chocolate milkshake (with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup).

The boys wanted to enjoy our treats at the picnic table in the back (so very cool). And little Ethan munched on a baby cookie on the quilt at our feet.

A good day.

Oh. . . and this made twenty minutes totally worthwhile. . .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

on and off the needles. . .

Friday, I finished this little hat I started last winter.

Jack wanted a "golden" hat (his favorite color: gold). I found this yarn online at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Though the orangey-yellowy look to it gave it a golden feel.

Ever since we visited the beach, and I stopped at that cute little yarn store, I have been waiting for fall to get here . . . projects in mind . . . [because fall = cool weather = a perfect time to cuddle down on the couch with a cup of tea and a set of knitting needles].

So, we woke up Thursday to grey skies and rain-dropped windows. . . Luke and I settled down on the couch to watch some Dora (he was beginning a head cold with a fever). . . and I could no longer resist the temptation to pick up my needles.

Found the pattern for this Seaman's Cap at Ravelry. Loved it. Knitted up easily (for me the beginner), and Jack loves it. Exciting.

Now, I'm plotting my next projects. . . I started a hat (green, of course) for me. I picked up the pattern in Ligonier for Jack (as the saleslady assured me it didn't look girly. . .). Didn't think it was right for him, so it's going to be mine. It has cables. . .so I'm looking to grow my skills, I guess (look out YouTube, I'll be visiting soon).

A Gryffindor scarf for my budding wizard (hopefully in time for Halloween). . . A shawl for me. . . Hats for the biggest and smallest of the Zeli boys. And maybe a scarf.

Me and my grand plans. . . I might finish the hat in time for next spring. . .

handsome. . .

This handsome man. . .

is in Pittsburgh this morning, adventure racing.

And I'm so very proud of him.

And he still looks like the day I saw him across the school cafeteria, with his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows (something he still does to this day. . . 24 years later, gulp. . .has it been that long?).

What a lucky lady I am. Love you. . .