Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the missing handbook. . .

They never tell you about real parenthood when you are expecting that magical first baby. The real stuff.

Poops that smells worse than a truck stop.

Boys who won't sleep through the night for three years.

You know, the essentials.

I would love to add a chapter to that missing handbook. Stuff that you would never dream would come out of your mouth. Words that have never before been strung together to make a meaningful sentence.

Stuff like:

Get your finger out of the pit bull's eye.

Followed by, Don't hit the dog in the head with a hockey stick.

And, this morning's favorite: Your eyes will stop leaking if you stop crying. [Can you hear the wailing where you are?]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today is Wacky Wednesday. . .

According to Luke's Kindergarten calendar, in their two week Seussabration (totally made that one up. . .I think it's a keeper. . .Sam, on the other hand, might groan. . .anyway, they have been celebrating two weeks of Dr. Seuss).

So, he had to dress Wacky. . .hence, Wacky Wednesday. . .

Well, in true Wacky Wednesday form, I slept through this morning's alarm. . . which goes off twice just to make sure you wake up. . .

I woke up, however, at 7:22. . . Exactly 27 minutes after the alarm goes off. . .
[must have something to do with going to sleep after 11:13. . .waking up 45 minutes later to a crying Ethan who went to bed in his regular clothes and was cold. . .put him in his jammies and came back to bed 45 minutes later. . .wide awake. . .woke back up to a coughing Ethan at 12:30....gave him cough medicine and fell back asleep an hour later. . .back up at 5 am for more coughing and medicine. . .]

Jumped out of bed, heart racing, bleary-eyed, and tripping over Max. . .who just looked at me with one eye and groaned. Me too.....

Rushed to Jack's room: Get up!!!! Get up!!!! I overslept!!!!!

And Luke's room. He was not pleased. And had no sympathy for my oversleeping plight.

We made it in time for the bus.

And Ethan slept in until 8:30. He spent the morning playing quietly. Happily. Obviously trying to lull me into a false sense of security.

I ran upstairs to get some laundry. And came down to find maple syrup from the Cracker Barrel all over the entry carpet.

Sigh. . .

There's a moral to the story here somewhere.

Monday, March 7, 2011

. .they won! . . ! . . . ! .

After a whole season. . . with only one tie. . .

Those cute little boys won their first hockey game. And Jack almost scored a goal. So very cute. After his first "trip" out on the ice send him flying in one direction, and his stick in the other direction (about 9 feet).

My favorite part. . .

They all skated out on the ice and pile into one big [little] boy pile right in front of their goal net. And now their season ends. With a smile.