Thursday, March 26, 2009

lighter moments. . .

Mr. Congeniality. . .

My first visit to the hospital for the first blood test. And full of apprehension (I still hate that whole needle thing). We had run there as soon as I got off of the phone with the doctor. Lukey with his cup of milk and bowl of squares (the current breakfast favorite: Frosted Mini Wheats).
He sat on the floor munching squares, as I readied myself for the pinch.

Mama, whooos dat? [pointing to the nurse as she readies that beautiful and shiny needle]

[I glance at her badge.] That's Miss Stacy.

Oh. Hi, Miss Stacy. I'm Wuke. [pointing to his face]

[She grins.] Hi, Luke.

[He points at me] And that's my friend Mama.

And then I had to laugh. Where does this come from? Our congenial, socially savvy little boy. Surely someone switched him in the night. But it's sweet and wonderful. Right now he is all about letting the world know who he is, and that he's happy to meet the world right back.

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