Thursday, May 20, 2010

baby food

Yesterday we started a second meal. . . Really? Already?

But he's been watching us eat, licking his little lips. And after he watched my cereal bowl. . .reaching for it with his little hands. . . Sam suggested we start a second meal. Which he happily agreed to. Yesterday: rice cereal with a dinner of bananas.

So, while shopping yesterday afternoon, I browsed the baby food aisles of Target, Walmart, and Giant Eagle. . . But I just couldn't get myself to pick up any of those cute little jars and put them in the cart.

I made Jack's baby food. He never had anything from a jar (except the meats. . .couldn't bring myself to puree those).

With Luke, I just didn't have the energy.

So, I vowed to go back "old school" this time.

However, I haven't been able to find any peaches for weeks to introduce to him. Not in season? Probably not. But, I did find some yesterday. . . Some yellow flesh peaches. So I grabbed two small ones that seemed pretty ripe. . . Along with some organic carrots, some apples, and a pear.

I let fruits sit out last night to get some extra ripening time, and then set to work making some peaches this afternoon.

Peeling. . .and cutting. . .and cooking. . .and pureeing. . .

While Ethan hung out (not very quietly) at my feet.

And all we got was enough for two meals. . . Ah, how I forgot that part. . .

And, although they were ripe, they weren't very sweet. And the poor boy made such faces while I fed it to him. Poor thing smiled at first. . . but by the end, he was gagging. . . And I couldn't bring myself to feed him any more.

And he has spent the rest of the evening spitting up. . . So much for the peaches experiment.

I might be going to for those little jars tomorrow after all.

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