Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dinner at cafe zeli. . .

Yesterday, Nan and PapPap brought us a new picnic table. . . big and wooden. . . and perfect for the backyard.

PapPap and Sam set it up close to the "playground" (Luke's words for our playset out back. . . his personal playground). And tonight, we had dinner outside. . .

Beautiful. Listening to the birds sing. And drinking in the sunshine.

Ethan in his baby seat beside us (on top of the table), smiling. . . giggling. . . watching Luke climb up and down and slide and run and swing. That big brother is such a source of entertainment.

Noodle soup (for Jack) and chicken and rice (for the bigs) never tasted better.

Popsicles from the ice cream man for dessert.

So relaxing.

And we stayed outside. Just watching the boys play. . . Well... Just watching the boys beat the tree leaves with sticks. And sing the "stinker song". . . a lovely variation of the humming of Tchaikovsky with intermittenly musical "stinkers" (you know the kind of noises that little boys can make, with lips and teeth and cheeks full of air). . . well-timed. . . in unison. . . and a source of endless little boy laughter. Dada laughed until he couldn't breathe.
And Mama. . . poor Mama. . .

Life with boys. . .

But, a beautiful evening. Perfect family moments.

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