Tuesday, April 26, 2011

today. . .

He sat outside while waiting for the bus. Right on the sidewalk. I found him there when Luke and I finally made it outside.

Hey. What's up?

He didn't turn around. Do you hear the birds? That one right now. He sings two times. And then changes his song. Like a pattern. Why does he do that?

Love that. Love that he takes time to listen. To be in touch with the outdoors. Loving nature. And birds.

And today he goes to the Sports Center in Pittsburgh for his first field trip since Kindergarten. And he is so very excited.

And his tooth fell out yesterday. Twisted it right out during the spelling pretest. [Too cute.] His "special tooth", he told the tooth fairy in a note. His "meat eating tooth". Told her to be careful with it. Love that. It's the tooth that had his first cavity (first and only. . .). The one I agonized with as they gave him a shot in the mouth. That he was so very brave with. Only to have that filling fall out six months later. Ugh. And the dentist wanted to have me take him to a surgeon to have it pulled. Really? I know the agony I went through having a tooth pulled. And I waverd, wanting to spare him that fear and pain. So I waited. Knowing it was just a baby tooth; that it would fall out soon. And it did. Yesterday. And I breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

You are such a joy.

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