Monday, May 9, 2011

monday morning. . .

Oh Monday. . .

The boys groan when I have to get them out of bed and back to school. Something about a Monday and getting moving after a weekend of "on your own time".

This morning, I awoke and the birds were singing outside. I could see blue sky. . .bright blue sky. . . peeking between the green leafy branches outside the bedroom window.

And now, it's 10:30.

The boys are off to school [after a happy morning together trading Pokemon cards and playing tag outside while waiting for the bus].

The dishwasher has been run. The first load of laundry is humming (and probably ready for the dryer). Emeril's stew is in the crockpot (mmmm....). And a breeze is blowing through the dining room window, the white curtains ticking Ethan's nose.

No dog water has been played in yet.

For a Monday, we are off to a good start.

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