Sunday, June 26, 2011

home. . .

A quiet. A peace. A slow stillness. . .

The suitcases crowd the entry and dining room. I wander into the kitchen, to see the sink clean. The backyard quiet. Empty.

Our space.... bleary-eyed. Yawning. Waking from a week-long sleep while we were away.

It's stillness quiets our usual loud, frantic pace.

So good to be home.

The boys spent the day rediscovering their toys. Playing Lego games quietly together. Ethan ran from room to room, finding all those little nooks and spots he loves. And running around with a small backpack... his own suitcase... reliving his vacation memories. Sam ran. I even enjoyed doing laundry. Making a small dent in the pile we brought home with us.

And feeling our space. Our home always feels so "big"... after time away in a hotel room.

Enjoying being home. Lazily swimming in this pool of quiet before the ripples begin to tickle my toes... and the schedule of life resumes.

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