Monday, August 31, 2009

Luke's first day. . .

of Preschool. A day he has been waiting for (rather impatiently) for weeks.

We had to visit Dr. Talamo this morning for yearly check-ups (that Mama missed two weeks ago, oops). Jack in the 80th percentile, and Luke in the 85th. I can hardly believe, from the short family I come from, that my boys are so very tall. And that someday, I will be looking up to peek at them. . .

Anyways, a good visit, despite the two immunizations for Luke. Yikes. Jack, proud that his next ones won't be till age 11. . . But, Luke was brave, and just a small squeal followed by tears. . . poor him. . . Dr. Tawamo hurt me. . .

And then off to take Jack to school. Luke insisted that he go to school first. . .and was quite disappointed to learn he would have to wait for the afternoon.

But, once afternoon came, he was ready to go. . .with his sweet little Backyardigans backpack (that he chose himself at the Star House, along with a Yo Gabba Gabba picnic, aka lunch box), loaded with big crayons, a paint shirt, and his milk for snack.

He knew he wouldn't take the bus, and wondered if he could walk. Already telling Mama bye.

And smiled the whole way there. . .arm hanging out the window (he loves the wind to blow full in his face now. . .such a change since the baby days. . .).

He ran straight to the train table when we arrived, ready to build a new track layout. Happy to be at school with his new teachers (and naming them when he got there).

Didn't blink an eye when I told him goodbye. And looked to have a wonderful time.

He ran to greet me from the school door: open arms, wide-happy smile, and tight hug. Talked on and on all the way home (love that) about his day. . .he went on the potty when Mrs Davis asked him to. He had cookie and goldfish for snack. He played trains and built track.

A great day for a little guy's first away from Mama. Makes me so proud. . . and so sad. Can I really have two boys in school?

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