Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Birthday Weekend!

Little birthday traditions in the Zeli house. . . love the idea of birthday weekend. Where birthdays are not just one day, but celebrated all weekend long (with lots of singing and silly fun and cake).

Jack's birthday kicked off the birthday weekend yesterday.

Waking up to songs from Dada, and then Mama. And the first birthday present in bed.

Streamers hung from the dining room ceiling. And a long wait for Dada to return home from work.

Birthday presents. Followed by a favorite dinner (which happened to be Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks).

Mama baked cupcakes (which Dada happily iced. . . .mmmm, icing). And we sang more Happy Birthday with candles and wishes and smiles.

And the night finished off with two little boys running around the house in clone trooper helmets and blasters searching for battle droids. And, of course, the building of Legos.

Today Dada is taking a half day to spend the birthday weekend with his boys. Tomorrow we're taking the boys to Kennywood. . .and a family party Sunday. Finshing off with Luke's birthday on Tuesday (when he unofficially turns eight).

Whew! Lots of fun for little boys (and Mamas and Dadas).

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