Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday moments. . .

Off to see the OB this morning after getting Jack on the bus. . .

With little Luke gabbing away in the backseat. . .asking about the baby in my belly. Is it a big baby?

Yep. And how about your baby is it a big baby?


Is it a boy baby or a girl baby?

A girl baby.

He delighted all the girls in the OB office with tales of the baby in his belly. And requested (read: demanded) his usual acka-marine lollipop as we left.

Was wonderful to have Sam come with us today. We took the car to be inspected. Looked at a Honda Pilot and Honda-something minivan. . . Comfortable. . .and Roomy. . .and tank-like all at the same time.

Took Lukey to preschool and had a wonderful lunch date. . .our first of many in the next few months. Wonderful. Coffee. And future planning. . .

And naming woes. Finding just the right name seems like such a huge responsibility. So far. . .


Vin (for Vincent)

Drew (for Andrew)

Calvin (just love that little Calvin and Hobbes. . .so much our boys)

and for some reason I like Finn (for Finnegan)

and although it is on the highly unlikely list, Bodhi (for the infamous Point Break surfer. . .love that it means wisdom. . .because I am convinced that this baby is an old soul. . .)

and a few others I am forgetting. . .

But nothing that just jumps out and says Pick me! Pick me! So, the hunt continues.

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