Sunday, April 18, 2010

conversations from the backseat

Lots of driving around in the Vinnie Man this week. Looking for a new bike. Grocery shopping. . . . . Other stuff (that my brain is stumbling to remember. . . ahhh, age).

Anyway. Plenty of interesting boy conversations.

Like, finding music we all like. As Sam switched stations, he came across Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. Which Luke instantly liked (which was amazing, because Luke was in such a mood that I couldn't imagine anything that would appease him). Jack, of course, did not approve. That's a farm song, he said. And Sam and I laughed (me probably more than anyone. . .farm song. . .).

Later, we took the boys through the drive-thru (after a dinner of ice cream and popcorn. . .I accept my nomination as Mama of the year. . .thank you). And asked what the boys wanted. . . Luke: fries (is there anything else?).

Jack, do you want a burger or fries?

I want two burgers. [I see our future of drive-thru's ending soon.]

Luke: Jack, that was not a choice.

Too funny. They've had me rolling all week.

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