Thursday, August 26, 2010

marvelling. . .

After brushing teeth, Sam grabbed Jack and I to peek at the moon outside. . . and Jupiter. . .

Luke's fascination with Moonie Moon, always has us looking upwards. . . And lately we have been looking for Venus. Sometimes Mars. They always seem to be peeking out at us up there. Exciting to know what we're looking at.

But, tonight, it was Jupiter hanging low in the sky. We woooowed in our jammies. Amazed at how clear the night was. Excited to see a new planet.

And then journey back upstairs to read Harry Potter, and give kisses goodnight.

And while I brushed my teeth, Sam grabbed me again. Quick!

He had gotten out his telescope. To peek at Jupiter up close. . .

And, to see this. . .

So bright and beautiful. The clearest we have seen in his telescope. Ever. Breathtaking.

And I had to grab Jack from his dreams so that he could marvel with us.

And then I grabbed my baby Canon. To see what I might be able to catch. Pretty cool.

Even better to just sit outside, listening to the crickets. Watching the heavens.

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