Tuesday, July 12, 2011

last night...

They slept in "the tent".  So very cute.  We read Harry Potter for almost an hour (we're still plugging along at #4...reading more about Mad Eyed Moody and the Unforgivable Curses...).  Sweet little Luke fell asleep about halfway in.  Jack is still riveted and full of questions and ponderings.  Love that.

We woke up to find Mr. Dave's trees being trimmed.  And had to go out to watch the branches being chopped up in the chipper?  Chopper?  Whatever it was.  It was a little boy dream.  All three were riveted to the flying branches and leaves and dust.

So, we had breakfast at Cafe Zeli.  Very cool.  Waffles and juice and milk.  A new meal at our favorite restaurant.

Afterwards, little boys ventured into the World of  Imagination...  showing off lightsaber skills and flying after the golden snitch.

Love those boys.

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