Monday, July 11, 2011

missing Dada. . .

I took Luke and Ethan grocery shopping on Wednesday last week. Just the three of us. Jack was at Idewild with a friend.
Luke was lonely. Missing his brother. And wanting to know when he was coming home. When I told him it would be later (much later) in the evening, he wasn't happy. But there are only three of us. That isn't enough.
And tonight, our Dada is miles away. And we're missing him. There is only four of us. And that isn't enough.
But, we've kept ourselves busy today. . .
Playing with friends and new games....
Let me tell you, this new Lego Heroica game is a boy's dream. These boys played from the time they got together last night till they went to sleep. And then from the moment they got up....begrugdingly taking a lunch break.....until midafternoon. Lots of battling and weapons and gold and defeating spiders and bad guys and healing potions and such. Too much fun.
And these are your boys tonight. . .
One reading books in his diaper. Quiet [deceivingly....he spent the day climbing on chairs and couches and stealing Legos].
One eating Cheezits (they were first on the grocery shopping list yesterday...apparently my snack cupboard was only full of cobwebs). Now giggling madly with his big brother....playing their "bridgey" game (you know the one: sit like a bridgey. bounce like a bridgey. crawl like a bridgey.) Anything to wind themselves up before bedtime.
One having his Cheezits stolen. He's missing Warcraft and Dada. And having a coconspirator to play Legos with all day long.
One sleeping in his "dog house". He loves a forgotten set of blankets.
We're all counting down the days until Friday (Luke has asked me all day long if it's Friday yet).

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