Tuesday, August 23, 2011


He came down the stairs calling my name.  Mama.  There's something wrong in my room.

What's that?  [Having visions of Skikee's Return....He has been spending lots of time in his "new room"... building track.... what if he's been spending too much time in that corner close to the radiator... all those EMFs.... groan....]  I walked over to the steps.

He started walking up the steps.  And I followed.  Holding my breath.  We walked into his room.  My room was moving left to right.  Left to right.

[Pause.  Not sure what he's saying.  A moving room?  Good grief.  He must be having dizzy spells.  He must be getting sick again.  Good thing we are going to see the doctors in Pittsburgh on Thursday.]  Really?  Where?

He pointed to the ceiling above the window.  Then all around.

Was it a light?  Maybe you saw some sun reflecting off the window.

My room was moving left to right.  And my desk was moving left to right.

[OK.  Dehydrated?  Dizzy spells?]  Let's get you a drink of water.

I fill his little blue cup in the bathroom.  And as we walk back to his room, I hear Max barking outside.  The UPS man?

I rush down the steps to see our neighbor Jared crossing the yard.  And I wave.

"Hey," he says.  "Did you feel that earthquake?"

Earthquake?  Really?

Ah-ha.  So his room was moving after all.  Poor little Luke.

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