Monday, January 2, 2012

a new year

We spent the new year at cousin Janine's....celebrating feeling good and time with family. 

We came home somewhere around the 11 o'clock hour.... must have been closer to 11:30, because I quickly found Dick Clark on the tv.  Sam took little Ethaniel to bed.  Little Luke lay on the little couch...and he was out.  The rest of us sat on the couch watching the big crowd in Time's Square...  As the ball dropped downwards, we tried to wake Luke (open-mouthed and drooling a smidge).  He opened his eyes...and closed the again.

But we watched the ball drop together.  As a family.  For the first time.  I loved it.  Bringing back memories of watching the ball drop when I was little...wearing hats and clanging bells.  [And somewhere I remember banging on kitchen pots at Gram's house.]  Loving the confetti that rained like snow.  Maybe an idea for next year....

Last year I post-poned the whole "new year's resolutions" thing....  Thinking I would get to it a week or so into the year.  And that never happened.  Somehow I think I can get swallowed up and drowned under long-term big goals.

So, this year, I'm trying something new.  I've read different ideas about "love lists" and "monthly goals" in place of traditional resolutions.  And I sat down (well, I stood up at the kitchen island while the boys had breakfast before school....and carried it around in my pocket as I did laundry and dishes and grocery shopped)... and came up with some things that would make me happy.  Fulfilled.  Some things to do this month.  A bit at a time.

So, here's January's Happy List:
  • sew a summer skirt
  • create a book of memories with Jaxon and Luke
  • get organized (a year long goal): clean the attic a bit
  • bake a sweet treat
  • be more with less: take a trip to goodwill
  • create a gallery wall: print some of my favorite pictures

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