Wednesday, November 12, 2008

decided. . .

After battling my whole digestive system for months. . . It has been decided for me that it needs to come out. Something about functioning at 11% and being full of stones. . . I say carrying stones around really suits my little gypsy heart (that believes that any bag full of stones is really a treasure. . .but what do I know. . .).

And so I am scheduled to part with my lifelong friend on Thursday of next week.

I've been wavering between fully freaked out and complete denial.

And it doesn't help that my dear mother told me not to expect to be up and around because I will be feeling pretty crappy for a long while. [have I mentioned how much I love this woman lately? no?]

Anyway. It's going to happen. Freaked out or in denial. Next week it's gone.

We've been trying to be very real and up front with Jack about these things. Not completely explicit. Just enough so he knows what is going on.

And, he Mr Curiousity, will having nothing but the complete and naked down to details account.

We've been pouring over the details (the ones that I have been trying to avoid, because I really don't want to know. . .) in the little book the doctor sent home with me. . . And he sat me down on the couch last night and made me read to him the captions of the pictures. Lovely.

And, he was quite disappointed to learn he would be going to school the day of the operation. Because he wanted to come to the hospital too. . . To watch. . . And was surprised to learn that people just really don't watch these things. . . A future surgeon? Let me tell you, his quest for knowledge is insatiable. . . I'm really glad that public schooling hasn't dampened that fire (because that was one of the things I was a little afraid when he started school last year). . .

Anway. . . Saturday night (on the way to get ice cream at Bruester's), as we were going over the whole reason for my operation . . . again . . . We explained that my gall bladder has been the reason for my excruciating chest pains, and my several trips to the emergency room. . . OK, my two trips to the emergency room. . .by ambulance. . .

So, he whole heartedly agreed that it needed to come out. And when they take it out, they will destroy it. he asserted. [Sam and I laughed in the front seat. He's so dramatic. We imagined that, like Darth Vadar, they might burn it to make it even deader. . .].

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