Monday, November 10, 2008

sweet dreams. . .

for the little boy who lost his second tooth today at school. So very excitedly he met me at the door today. . . A hole in his grin. . . And a tooth box around his neck.

Lost at lunch. . . And not another bite of his lunch eaten. . .
Blood all over the cuff of his shirt.

A sweet little lisp returns. . .

Tonight he wrote a letter to the tooth fairy:

Hi tooth fare. Wil you wite back. Yes no. Sircl them. Jack. Bi (and a picture of a waving hand)

So sweet. Obviously the tooth fairy has her work cut out for her tonight (especially because fairy dust seems to be at a premium around here. . . high gas prices and all, I suppose. . .).

I was told to get to bed soon. Not to stay up all night. So that she will come.

Truly, an exciting day.

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