Thursday, July 9, 2009

coloring our world. . .

Yesterday the boys and I made homemade crayons. Something I wanted to do since I have been little. . .and was never allowed (Mom hated messy. . .so, Ha! Mom, I'll make my own home messy. . .adolescent rebellion, 20 some years later. . .pathetic, I tell you.).

Loved it. Had this tupperware bowl of old crayons that the gypsy in me could not throw in the garbage. So, today we peeled the papers off and broke them into bits. . .Lukey loved this part. Loved peeling the papers and breaking them (with some help). His favorites, of course, were the blue ones. Jack was patient to a point, but only for a while. Put them in an old muffin baking pan (I have been scouring Goodwill for ages, and finally found one for 75 cents), and baked them at 350 for about 10 minutes.

Watching them melt was like magic. . .little pots of colorful paint. . .I guess we let them cool for a couple hours. And I feared trying to remove them from the pan. . .But, surprisingly most came out on their own (or with a little twisting of the pan).

Spent the warm afternoon coloring with them on the front porch (love those huge coloring books. . .another wished for childhood goody. . .but these were gifts from Nan or Uncle Ken, I believe). Isn't there something magical about time on the front porch? Jack loved this part. . . discovering all the colors and how they might mix together. Luke had fun stacking them, and keeping a close eye on the blue one.

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