Saturday, July 4, 2009

the tooth fairy always rings twice. . .

or is that the Postman?

Well, the postman never really rings around here anyway. . . and we don't even have a doorbell. . . (the humor isn't coming to me at 11 pm, oh well. . .).

I took Jack to the dentist for our 6 month check-ups a few months ago, near the end of the school year. They tried to do those xrays in his mouth, but he kept gagging (so like his Mama); so they did the panoramic ones. Very cool. I got to peek at my boys teeth and those ones coming in. . . And the dentist surprised me saying that his teeth are coming in very quickly. . .and not that it was a big deal, but that he would have the mouth of a 16 year old when he was somewhere between 8 and 10. . .

He'd been jiggling his top eye tooth (?that little one that's next to the big front one) for a while. . . and it happened to pop out Friday evening when he was brushing his teeth. Giddy, he put it in his tooth pillow, and made an impromptu picture for the tooth fairy (with the expectation that she would draw him something in return).

And she did visit. . . leaving him 6 quarters and her trademark magic sparkles all over his bed. . . (somewhere around 3 am. . .and I could swear I could hear her stomach rumbling). . . as well as a picture on the fridge for him to find at breakfast.

Little did she know that she would be making a return trip on Saturday. . . after that bottom little tooth (is that one an eye tooth too? or a foot tooth? toe tooth?) fell out in the bathtub. . .covered in bubbles.

This time, Picasso opted for a Star Wars picture (is there anything else?). . .with tooth battle droids and the tooth fairy and Jack with light sabers. So him. And that plucky girl returned at 3 am with more quarters and sparkles that led from the window (Jack left it open for her this time). . . and a Star Wars picture on the fridge (and he was all smiles this morning).

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