Thursday, July 9, 2009

notes from today . . .

Warmer day today. Yesterday was a bit chilly. And looking ahead to beach days (counting down the moments. . .), it's going to be high 80s and some 90s. . . bliss. . .

Loving summer and it's non-scheduled days. . . letting the boys stay in jammies till lunch (way too long, but even hard to get them out of them after lunch. . .).

Making plans for packing. . . Sending Luke's tuition check for preschool in the fall. . .[Does he have to grow up so fast?]

Feeling tiny bumps around my belly button that make me smile (and revelling in the flurry of activity I felt a few days ago around breakfast). . . Thinking this baby is going to be a vegetarian who loves pasta and pizza, but can't drink milk (based on my lactose intolerance and the fact that I dream of noodles at every meal). Come to think of it, I loved the pasta thing with Jack too (although I also loved chocolate milkshakes. . .and loved stopping to get one before our weekly baby hospital classes. . .mmm.....). With Luke I loved french fries (which explains a lot, I suppose). Salty, dipped in ketchup. (funny)

Hearing my boys playing at the train table together in Luke's room. Luke, being a crabby Sir Topham hat. Jack, sending troopers (storm or clone) here and there in search of bad guys. . .or good guys. . .not quite sure.

Boy haircuts tonight (with a quiet dinner afterwards at Chik fil A).

Thursday already?

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