Monday, March 24, 2008

happy easter

A fun holiday here in the Zeli house. Always bustling and running and loud . . . but so many happy memories. . .

We dyed eggs Friday morning after breakfast. Then packed up to go visit Nan and Pap Pap for their Good Friday luncheon (boy, that makes it sound so fancy).

The boys spent the night, so Mama and Dada could have a date night (what's that?).

Saturday we enjoyed hanging out together. . . Because Sunday was another bustling day. . .

Jack was very excited about his goodies from the Easter bunny. Not only did he get chickens in a golden egg and chocolate sticks (aka chocolate pretzels), but he also got some coveted mail jeep legos, the Bee Movie, and a new video game.

Luke, on the other hand, remained unenthusiastic.
We got ready for church (with Nan). And had lots of fun visiting.
The best part of the day? Coming home. . . And the boys playing outside with X and Max. . . And watching the Bee Movie with popcorn 'til bedtime. Oh, and eating too much chocolate (how could I forget that?).
Love visitng with family. And love our quiet (or not so quiet) moments together in our home. Building our family memories.

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