Friday, March 14, 2008

today. . .

We discovered a gaping hole in Jack's beloved blue. . . and Dr. Mama successfully operated to fix his dear buddy. . . (who says Mamas are just glorified babysitters? . . .).

Jack was excited that it's Friday. . . which means snack and playtime in Kindergarten . . . anxious to try out the block area for the first time.

Luke discovered the scawee pwants on top of the piano (as we walked hand-in-hand down the steps) . . . Mama reassured him that they were far away. . . And he was safe.

Screams and thumps echoed down the steps.
And a sweet little smile told me, scweem. Facks. . . A Clarabird. . .
The wreckage told the tale of a Lukey storm that raged through Sodor (yet again). . . blowing track all over the room. . . and leaving poor Annie and Clarabel lying on their sides without their friend Thomas.

Luke, you have caused confusion and de-way.

Luckily Foreman Mama was able to reorder the train yard. . .and fix the broken train lines. . . And Sodor was running smoothly once more. Sir Toppom Hat was pleased. . .

Music calmed the savage Luke as Mama attempted to dress him for the day (to the tune of You are my Sunshine).

Music again calmed His Craziness as we brought Jack home from school. . .apparently dropping fruit snacks is the same as a three-alarm fire in Lukey world.

And there was no play time today (those kids were too noisy). Oh well, keeping fingers crossed for next week.

We lunched on leftover chicken and fries. And watched Super Spy Dora solve one mystery after another.

Drew several hundred cookies and traffic signs. . .

And all before nap time. . .

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