Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jack's passion

He loves the legos. Something he gets from his Mama (Santa brought me a red lego house for Christmas one year, that I absolutely loved. . .).

Right now, he is loving the vehicle thing. We've been creating all sorts of crazy cars from salvaged bits of other legit vehicles.

First on the parade route is the police car. . .that has been transformed into the mail sucking car. Complete with a mailbox, a mail finding radar/sucking mechanism, and a mail searching computer (with the keyboard on the dashboard. . .pretty handy for the driving lego man). A mama creation.

Next is the melting ray car. A Dada creating. It has a specialized ray machine that can melt anything. Jack loves to melt all sorts of objects down into mud. (I hope this isn't some sort of commentary on my housekeeping skills).

The yellow car mashed together with some red car bits (salvaged from Goodwill) has turned into the fastest car in Legoville. Complete with a fan on the front (because it can fly, of course) and fire shooting from the back. Warp speed, baby.

The next car has some red car bits. Some fire truck bits. And a lazy susan on the back full of green bottles. What does it do? Beside not stay together very well? Not much.

The mail airplane (much sought after this week) full of important packages.

A quad runner with an impenetrable orange shield.

The fire truck. Stripped. Apparently left unattended on the bad side of Legoville. Who would have thought a fire truck would be the target of vandals? I guess there's bad elements everywhere (and if you peek into Jack's lego jail, you'll see it's always full). . . Well, at least there's room for more guys to ride along (right now, the spaceman and diver). And, I see that a boat has been added. Ah, the recreation fire truck. Hey, even firemen need to be able to kick back and have fun.

Followed by a bad guy on a motorcycle. And the space rover.

Pulling up the rear is Dada's finest creation. The laser truck. I believe in another life it was part of the giant police truck. Now it carries two huge search lights. And two giant lasers mounted on top. The man in the back has two controls for those bad boys. Ready for battle. And from what I hear, Legoville could use some more good guys on patrol.

In back is the red Jeep. Not Lego. But, what parade in Jack's universe would be complete without some sort of Jeep?

Love this. His growing creativity. Ornery, but so much fun.

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