Thursday, April 10, 2008

and in Sodor. . .

yet another line has been constructed in Sodor.
When Jack was this age, I would construct tracks on the floor of his bedroom or the dining room. . .huge circles that he would go round and round for days. . . It was a special treat for us to go to the B House (Barnes and Noble) or the Star House (Toys R Us) to play with trains on an actual train table.
For Christmas last year, my Dad built the boys their very own train table. Which they loved. Although Jack uses it once in a while, Luke is here for hours every day. . . Making up little stories about the fubble fwocks (the troublesome trucks) on the foo fack (train track). . . Or troubles with James and the scawee (scary) dragon. . . And Gordon carrying his load. . . And, of course, Percy and Thomas. . .
The difference is that once Mama constructs a track, Luke is on the job reconstructing. He has very specific ideas of how he feels Sodor should look (ideas that change daily. . .hourly. . .). Love his creativity. His willingness to fearlessly try new ideas. . . And the sweet little boy stories he tells as the trains go about their day.

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