Saturday, April 12, 2008

I want to remember. . .

Jack stayed home from school yesterday. . .with the stomach flu (day 2). . .
And we played Legos all morning. . .creating our own Ferrari car garage (found the instructions online at the Lego site. . .and improvised our own cool garage. . .complete with lots of speed gadgets. . .a gas gun. . .and a coffee pot).

Luke told us he was "hungee" (hungry) and sat at the dinner table for the first time. . .
He also said grace with Dada:

Thank you god
Goodies, goodies
For this food
Food! Food! Food!

Too cute. His dinner consisted of Dora yogurt. . .roasted tomato wheatables. . .and goldfish crackers. . .Lukey specialties.

A great day in the Zeli house.

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