Monday, April 28, 2008

dinner conversations. . .

[Jack, age 4, hoping to catch a robin last May.]

Jack discussed his plans for the summer this weekend with Dada at the dinner table.

Namely, that he is going to catch a bird this summer.
Is there anything to help you catch a bird?
[He was catching butterflies Thursday in a little net he repurposed from the elephant game in the basement. Very cute to watch him racing across the yard. . .Max bounding after him. . .trying to catch those cute little white butterflies of early spring. . . Anyway, I think maybe he was hoping there was a net to catch birds as well.]

And Dada, in his usual teasing way, What are you going to do with a bird when you catch it? Eat it?

The look on Jack's face. . .classic. . . Who in the world eats fevers? (feathers)

He spent the rest of the weekend devising ways to catch birds. Throwing water on their wings so they can't fly. . .Sending Dada in on the flank while he approaches from the side. . .

Sunday, as we pulled into the driveway after some shopping, we noticed a robin, a rabbit, and a squirrel in the backyard. Moments later, Jack was across the yard

. . .tiptoeing. . .

stealthily hoping to catch one of those illusive guys.

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