Thursday, April 17, 2008

schma schmatest. . .

Or, the latest (in Schmuzzish. . .we watch The Upside Down Show during breakfast everyday. . .and Jack and I are determined to learn to speak the Schmuzzies language).

Sunday we had sgabetty (Lukanese: spaghetti) for dinner. And we all sat at the table at the same time. Amazing. And fun.

Max is growing taller day by day, I swear. Those legs just get longer and longer. Sam and I keep telling Jack that he is eventually going to be taller than the house (ala Clifford) . . . and I'm beginning to believe it.

Max loves to race from the entry way into the living room and leap into my lap (when I'm on the couch). I absolutely love it. And am determined not to have a dog (especially his size) who thinks the couch belongs to him. . . oh well. . .

Luke adores Max. Chasing him around the house calling Come here, Max! Wanting to throw toys for him (sometimes right to his face. . .oops! we're working on that one). Laying on the floor on his belly watching his every movement. . .laughing hysterically.

Pap Pap will be here twice this week. . . Once yesterday (so I could volunteer in Jack's classroom) and once today (so I can get root canal #3. . .ugh. . .). Yesterday it was Eat n Park cookies. . . Today, it's ice cream. . .

Luke loves:

playing with battery operated Percy on the train track. . .especially watching him fall of the track (and just letting him run and run. . .I should count how many times I've said help Percy in the last week. . .I swear he's going to burn out the motor. . .but it never
does. . .)

playing with Lightning MacQueen and Mac the Truck. . .

going outside to swing

singing little songs and repeating little stories to himself as he plays (love it!)

reading Ain't Gonna Paint no More; Up, Up, Down; A Was Once an Apple Pie; Yankee Doodle; Ten Apples up on Top

Jack loves

playing with the soccer ball outside with Dada

running around with Max outside

playing outside period

going to the library

playing his video games

Happy days.

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