Monday, September 1, 2008

end of summer picnic. . .

We packed up the boys and Max right before lunchtime and headed up to Ohiopyle for a picnic and some play in the woods.

Wow, everyone else had the same idea!

Such a beautiful day. . .

Luckily, we found a great spot by a stream where the boys and Max could romp.

Had a relaxing afternoon catching all sorts of creatures
(one big and one small crayfish, one brown salamander, one golden salmander that liked Sam so much he crawled all over his shoes for quite a while, and one fish!)
throwing rocks and sticks
splashing in the frigid water
finding pretend treasure
(a dinosaur tooth, an old map, a rabbit tooth, an elephant tusk . . .)
Lukey pushed his buggy all around

a wonderful day.

Blue skyed. And happy.

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