Wednesday, September 10, 2008

over in the meadow. . .

over in the meadow. . .
boink! said the mama
we boink! said the bee
and they boinked all day in the crack in the stick. . .

thank you so much!
thank you so much in a meadow.
see you water, mama.
see you water, cheese (that would be the camera).

A happy little man this morning. Playing happily with the playdoh we made together last week (in a rainbow of colors. . .three playdoh batches colored in red, blue, and yellow, then mixed to make some new colors. . .so much fun).

A doughnut! (noticing the circles his little signs made in the playdoh).

He's been going like a champ on the potty for the past three days. So very exciting. Having about one accident a day. And, at times, asking to go when he needs to. I think we might be on our way (shhhh, don't tell Luke).

Monday, after coming home from an evening of grocery shopping (while Sam and the boys stayed behind to watch some football, little Luke helped unload the groceries in the kitchen. Loved it.

He opened the brown crinkly bags like it was Christmas time. Discovering all sorts of goodies, which he then loaded up into his broken down blue and red buggy. He carted around a box of toothpaste (brush teef!), a box of fruit by the foot, a bag of cotton balls, and a bunch of bananas. Which he proceeded to tear apart and hand out to each one of us.

Round and round he went with the buggy. First the toothpaste. Then the bananas. Sometimes in the bag. Sometimes on the piano bench. It kept him busy all evening long. So much fun. . .

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