Thursday, March 11, 2010

blue sky day

A beautiful morning. Jack and I watched birds at the birdfeeder: Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal, the Chippies (aka the Sparrows), and some Titmice (or mouses?). Looking for some birdfood at the birdfeeder. . . and finding something in the grass to peck at. . . A delight to watch.

Looked up while waiting for Jack's bus. . . and we were delighted to see the blue sky.

And it felt warm.

So, I felt the need to spring clean. And started to wash windows. Did I mention last year that I started using newspapers to wash the windows? After I tried cleaning our new windows last spring with paper towels. . .and found that after all my work, they were all streaked. . . So, against my better judgement I tried the newspaper thing.

I have always heard that using newspaper was wonderful for windows. And I always shuddered inside. Really? Newspaper? It just seemed crazy to wash windows. . . to try and make them clean with newspaper. . . the stuff that leaves blank ink all over your hands while you read. . .

But. . . shocking. . . it really works. The paper that they use for newspaper absorbs ink. . . and therefore absorbs windex just as well. And leaves my windows beautifully clean. And, I'm a dirty newspaper using convert.

So, today, I washed some windows. . . And opened some windows to let in the warm air. . . And washed sheets. .. And the house just smelled like Springtime: fresh air and laundry.

When Jack got home from school, we put Ethan in the stroller and took a walk to the library (Ethan's first outside stroll). Wonderful to walk through the neighborhood. I think we'll have to do more of that this spring & summer.

Jack got his own library card and some good books: the next Magic Treehouse, Henry and Mudge (at the beach), and an Easter book. Luke picked Dora's a Big Sister (pretty appropriate, I think), Blue's Clues Alphabet (he's such a letter boy), and Maisy (the "mousie book").

Ethan was happy to look around and then doze. Perfect afternoon.

Hope Spring is on the way. . .

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