Wednesday, March 10, 2010

right now. . .

In the age of velcro, this big boy tied his shoes by himself for the first time this morning before school. Very exciting. Very necessary, since the velcro on his police shoes split last week, and the only shoes he can wear have laces.

I can stand on the porch in my bare feet. . .

Even while there's snow still in the yard. How cool is that?

I'm looking at our current ride until the car is fixed (from the dear lady in Greensburg who opened the door into the side of my car, ripping off the passenger mirror, as I drove past. . .who almost left the scene, until I waved her down. . .who told me that it was all my fault. . . but I digress. . .). Very cool. Loving the satellite radio and the new car smell.

This little one now giggles when you tickle under his chin (but only in the early morning after his first bottle feeding). Smiles so sweetly, all the time.
Doesn't want to be out of sight, and smiles when you come back to his Hey, Mama! calls. Sadly, is growing. . . so that his 0-3 month shirts are excruciatingly difficult to put on. And I would keep stuffing him in them, if I wasn't terrified that I would break his little baby arm in the process. So, this morning he wears his cute little Gap beep! shirt. . . 3-6 month size. . . Sigh. . .

Feeling sentimental today.

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