Saturday, June 28, 2008

friday night. . .

Ever since Disney, the boys have been intrigued by the Wall E commercials. . . especially Luke. Every (well, almost every) bus we rode to and from the park had a Wall E ad picture up. He looked for it every time (and was quite indignant if he didn't see one).

So, we thought it would be a great night to take the boys to the drive in. Lukey's first time. And the first time that Jack would remember (I think the last time we went, I was pregnant with Luke. . .and got eaten alive by mosquitoes).

We loaded up the Jeep with chairs and blanets and popcorn (and a few boy cars as well), and headed to the Evergreen in Mt. Pleasant.

Good thing we headed out early, it was a full house. . . And even saw Jacob, a friend of Jack's from Kindergarten (and fellow Lego connoisseur).

The boys played with glow sticks and chased lightning bugs. . .while waiting for the darkness. . .

And had a wonderful first official drive in for the season. Everybody loved the movie (robot!). And we even stayed to watch Get Smart, the second feature. A certain somebody did not fall asleep until 12:30 (Lukey, you're such a night owl), so not all of us saw the full second feature. But we had a great time.
And looking forward to more trips this season.

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