Monday, June 2, 2008

good morning, monday. . .

We may have been premature on the sleeping through the night thing. . . Back to the drawing board. . .

New Tactic #552: The morning walk. aka: Tire him out so he takes an afternoon nap.

Anyway. Luke, Max, and I had a wonderful morning walk. So tired after a long night, I didn't take the dogs out for the morning walk. Max was not pleased. I decided to combine the boys' exercise. A longish walk through town. It's so nice this morning, so it was a perfect walk.

We walked (slowly) for about 45 minutes. Stopping along the way at every stop sign (do you know how many stop signs there are in town? . . . A lot. . .). Learning about no parking signs, do not enter signs (which Luke insisted were U-turn signs. . .laughing in his silly way), and one way signs.

Yesterday we made it to the nursery for some garden plants and flowers. Spent the late afternoon clearning the side of the house for seeds (sunflowers. . .more pumpkins, since they did so well last year. . .and gourds: new this year, and very excited about them). . .planting the flowers. . .moving strawberries to their own little patch (which Max insisted on digging up. . .over and over and over. . .).

Sam planted the garden. . .and reminisced about his PupPup. . .and my Grandma Smith. . . Gardening makes us feel so much closer to these important people (avid gardeners) we miss so very much. . .

Then helped Jack and Luke plant their mini gardens. Hoping to help them grow (ahhhh!) to love fresh goodies as well.

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