Monday, October 6, 2008

good morning, monday. . .

why did you hasten away our weekend, so fast?

My resolution this week is to blog every day. Really? Yep.
Get ready posts about our exciting week of washing clothes and vaccuuming Max's chewed sticks on the floor (or, light sabers that Jedi Max has chewed).

Today's highlights?

Walked this morning. Actually made it out of bed without tripping drunkenly around the dogs and yesterday's laundry. How is it that sleep. . .a full night's sleep. . .leaves you feeling so unawake in the morning?

Anyway. We rocked the walkin world this morning while everyone was still in their cozy beds. Usually we are almost run over by a dozen cars in the morning. Today? Only two. Less lights on in windows. No sweet laundry smell over by the haunted house.

Thanks so much Lisa for telling me about the real haunted house on our walk. Now I try not to look at it as we pass by so it really doesn't know that we know it's terrible little secret. So, the loud banging doesn't decide to meet us out on the street as we race past it's sinister, yet oh so lovely, french doors. . .

Yep, I walked through the darkness quite spooked this morning. I guess that it doesn't help that it's Halloween. . . And there are lots of houses decorated on our morning walk. . . Which is really cool. Love the whole Halloweeny thing. Except that one house (other than the real haunted one), which is decorated with body parts and zombies and skeletons and some sign up in the tree which I immediately quit reading when I saw the words eat and skin. Blaaahhhh. . . .

Anyway. Busy washing Sam's shirts for his trip tomorrow. Overnighter in New York and me and the boys are on our own, baby. Look out.

Also: laundry, laundry, and more laundry.

Lots of pics to upload. And my class to listen to.

Grocery game shopping. Walsmack and Giant Eagle. Maybe Target? And pondering a visit to the Star Houe (aka Toys R Us) for a preChristmas peek. October just begins that holiday joy in me. Once they start, these three months just race from one into the other. So exciting.

Anyway, did I mention I have laundry to do?

Ready, set. . . go, Monday!

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