Thursday, October 23, 2008

letters. . .

Inspired by this Robert Guest's letters to his children. And maybe I don't have the chance to write daily. . . it is my intention to try this once a week (I feel a start to next year's birthday list. . .).

Dear Jack:

You are growing so much. . . so fast. . . right before my eyes. . . Dada and I have been looking at past family portraits. . . Ones where you were so small, and I could never imagine you bigger. And yet, here you are, bigger. And Luke now the size you once were. . .

And amazing. I can't tell you how many times I stop dead in my tracks: jaw dropping, amazed. To see you becoming. Watching you learn how to read, and spell. . .

And even though it seems that we fight nightly about this whole homework thing (you, the perfectionist; me, trying to ease you out of that terrible trait Dada and I share), I am so proud of you.
See the leaves in the picture? Tuesday, you and Luke and Max and I went on a walk around the neighborhood to gather leaves. You thought maybe we could just pick some in the backyard (for a school assignment). But, I thought maybe we could find lots of different ones around the neighborhood (and Max needed a walk). So many beautiful leaves. Big ones (you found a huge green and yellow that you carried carefully the whole way). And tiny guys. Talked of making a leaf book. . . And wondered what you might do with them in school. . . Chilly. . . And we were tired at the end. But loved walking along with you guys. With no other distractions. Just us. Talking about everything and nothing.

Last night, out Luke's bedroom window, Dada watched a helicopter land on the hill above us. He called to you and I to come watch. After we ran breathlessly up the steps, he suggested you put on your coat so you could both run up the hill and see it up close. So cool. What a lucky boy you are to have such an adventurous Dada. So, you quickly put on your shoes and coat (asking me a million questions in the process; but I wouldn't have expected anything else from you, buddy). And out into the cold night air you both disappeared. Ready for adventure.

Right now, you love Star Wars. Everything Star Wars. Coloring characters and cutting them out. Making Star Wars Lego creations. Playing with your little Obi and R2D2 figures. Running around the house in your Clone Trooper helmet. Swinging that light saber with wild abandon. . .

And, the latest: the Star Wars music on Rhapsody. It seems, you have a weakness for that discoish 70s music (and let me tell you, I was not happy with this as I hummed The Hustle all through Youngwood on today's AM stroll). Star Wars and Boogie Down (because it sounds like a robot talking. . .thanks Dada). The best part? The dancing. Love it. You run around the house, rolling Ninja style on the floor. Clapping to the beat (at least, your beat). Rolling your hands. Hopping. Jumping. Grooving. And Happy. Loving it.

Loving you.

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