Thursday, October 29, 2009

squirrel buffet

So much fun watching the squirrels in the backyard in the fall leaves. . .hiding their winter treasures: the black walnuts from the trees in the woods. . .

A week or so ago, the boys took buckets into the woods to gather loads of black walnuts (still in their little green cases). . . taking load after load and dumping them under the fort in the backyard. . .on top of the old [aquamarine. . .or aka-marine] plastic swimming pool. Laughing. Industrious. Having a wonderful little boy time.

Last weekend, as Sam and I made our Sunday morning coffee, we watched as Mr. Squirrel discovered this bountiful buffet of squirrely, nutty goodness. He sat in the middle, chewing off the green cases, one by one. . .and then scurried off to find the perfect spot in the yard to hide them away.

Squirrely Serendipity.

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