Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"When are we going to Zeli Beach House?"

He has asked me almost daily for two or three weeks.

Not exactly sure what has brought this so fresh to his little boy memory. . .in a time when I thought the present was a burning, consuming fire in his mind, the past just a lingering candle flickering. . . But his memories, I find are a little different. Reaching back further than I would imagine. . . Little bits of this; little bits of that.

And right now he is loving his memories of Zeli Beach House. . . Especially his room there. . . That had it's own little flat screen tv to watch [where he delightedly laid in bed, mornings, watching SpongeBob] and had Lightning McQueen sheets on his bed.

The place where we could go swim. . . and play in the sand. . .

I tell him that we will definitely back. . . but not until it's summer time again. . . and warm. . . after the baby is here.

Where will the baby sleep? I ask him.

In my room. He volunteers without hesitation. So sweet.

Looking forward to more memories to be made. . . all too soon. . . at our little Zeli Beach House.

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