Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh no! you have the blizzer. . .

Dry winter air. . . and little Luke's nose got a nosebleed yesterday. . . which he found (big surprise) to be quite traumatic. We sat on the couch for about 30 minutes trying to get it to stop. . . At first he hated the paper towel on his nose (how is it that the box of Kleenax always disappers when you need it?). . . and then he wouldn't sit without it. . .

And then suddenly announced: All done!

And he was.

Later in the evening, we were listening to music. . . stretching. . . bouncing, and jumping around. . . When Luke decided that he needed my socks. ??? And immediately put them on his hands. I put my mittens on.

Then he thought maybe Mama needed a haircut. And he pushed his little socked hands through my hair. I get my blue scissors. [Yeah, so the whole cutting lesson wasn't the best idea.] And we told him that was only Miss Kristen's job. [whew!]

So he pulled at my hair a little more. And then announced: Oh no, Mama. You sick. You have the blizzer. Immediately putting the little sock hands in my nose.

All night long I seemed to have an untreatable case of the blizzers.

Thank goodness Dr. Luke and his black surgical socks were around to care for me.

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