Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Tooth Fairy,

We hope you understand.  Jaxon loved this little tooth....  It had a small cavity... but he brushed it very thoroughly (twice a day) and flossed it and bathed it in bubble gummy fluoride rinse each night.  The dentist assured us that was OK, because it was a baby tooth...and it was loose....

But this afternoon....  during a heated hockey match (they were winning!)...   he got a break away and shot at the goal! ....  Well....  That poor little tooth got jammed in his mouthguard (we want to protect all those little teeth)...  And it decided to stay in the mouthguard instead of his mouth.

So, his coach brought it to us from across the ice after the game was over...  a present....

We hope you understand.
the Zelis

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