Saturday, January 14, 2012

more bits....

Ethan grabbed my camera and made his own home movies.... mostly of his train table.

He also fed Max yesterday... made a mess with the dog food.... and cleaned it up with the dustpan and brush.  [all by himself]

Jaxon's hockey team won their first game (ever!) last Sunday.  Today we are off to Harmarville for a tournament.  Tomorrow, we head to the airport for one tournament game...and then jet back to Harmarville for the next....  He's hoping to successfully implement his shake and bake move that he did for the first time in practice this week (scoring a goal).  Very cool.

Luke cuddled up to Max fell asleep next to the fireplace last night.... They're both cold (with the chilly 20 degree temps and couple of inches of snow we got today).

This morning I taught him how to play Monopoly (Junior edition).  So many great memories of playing this with Jaxon.... My sister Erin and I used to play for hours when we were little. [I think we loved the play money the most....]

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