Saturday, January 21, 2012

our Little Penguin

We signed Luke up for the Little Penguins.  A learn to play hockey program started by Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  We thought it would be fun for him to learn to skate... and give him some good exercise this winter.

Today he went out on the ice for the first time.

And it brought back so many memories of Jaxon.

Poor little Jaxon who tried hockey for the first time in second grade.  We sent him out there in sweatpants layered under his jeans (for cushion and warmth).  Some elbow and knee pads, a helmet and stick, all borrowed from Westmoreland Hockey.  Little Jaxon who clung to the wall for most of the practice.  Who we loudly applauded as he skated across the ice slowly as the first practice drew to a close.

So many memories brought back as our little Luke took the ice. Suited up in "real" equipment (including a mouthpiece).

And slipped and fell.

Who was helped up and around on the ice by the coaches....

See his feet?

But he learned how to get back up on his feet.  Although picking up the stick too was a bit difficult.  And he needed help with that. 

But he got back up.  And kept trying.  And we were so very proud.  He is not the boy he was a year ago.  More confident.  And willing to try.

By mid practice he was skating around the circles on the ice.  Skating around other children who had fallen.


Our boy.  Growing up.

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