Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ethan pulled me to the kitchen this morning after his breakfast waffle, for a drink of water.  As I walked over to the sink, movement in the backyard caught my eye.

Someone was eating out of bird feeder.  And it wasn't the birds.

Do you see him?  His little white tail? 

Santa brought Sam a corn feeder for the deer.  Our neighbor used to have one.  But, after she passed away, we missed seeing the deer.  He built it about the week after Christmas... and we waited and waited for them to find it. 

And we discovered the corn feeder isn't the only thing they have discovered.  Apparently, they have a taste for bird seed too.

As Ethan watched him, I ran to get my camera.  But, I was a little too late.

I watched him race into the woods.... 

And then turn back to look at me. 

He and three others.  Taking a leisurely morning stroll. 

Can't wait to see them again.

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