Thursday, January 19, 2012


The Tooth Fairy snuck into the house today while the boys were at school.  Jack had finally put out his tooth last night....  and she must have been a little behind schedule....

I didn't see her.

But Ethan did.

I think they must have played together in my bedroom while I jumped in the showe.  In 10 minutes, they had a rave-like party....because when I came out of the shower, he ran out of my bedroom smelling like Jennifer Anniston's perfume and covered in "fairy magic".... leaving a trail behind him from the door to the window...  Where I found a pile....  She must have come in there... maybe he surprised her....  Or she thought he was too cute and had to shower him in lovely sparkles....  Whatever the reason, there was a pile of magic sparkles... a pile that clung to everything....  My clothes... Sam's work clothes.... shoes... sheets.... And let me tell you, the vacuum does not like fairy dust.... at. all.  Even the suction hose refused to pull it from the rug. 

Maybe it's a union thing between Hoover and the Tooth Fairy Association.  T.E.A.

But, she did stop by Jaxon's room.  Leaving him his own trail of magic... and a shiny tower of quarters....

Oh, and a bunch of tooth confetti. 

That Tooth Fairy.  She was in some mood today.

She and I might have to have a talk the next time she comes to visit.

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