Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the during. . .

A crew of five guys arrived at 8am on the dot. . .

With this one little truck full of our 24 new windows. Amazing.

As soon as they walked into the door . . . and up the steps . . . they began tearing out windows (8:01 ish ).

They had the assembly line thing going. . . one to tear the old, decrepit window out. . .remove it's guts (namely, those terrible pullies and weights that made it impossible to open most of those old fossils). . . in went the insulation. . .and in went the new window. . .the last guy arrived to caulk it up. . .done!

Love seeing how great the new windows look on top compared to the seniors on the bottom.
They were cleaned up and out by 2 pm. Six hours start to finish.
We're loving how warm the house feels (almost from the instant we shut the doors after they left). How quiet the world is now (not that living on a street with mostly senior citizens isn't quiet).
And that looking outside is so HD now. Whether the old windows were that warped. . .or dirty (probably). . . It's like we're looking out at a movie world. Loving it.
And loving that it's going to 79 this weekend. . .I'm going to open every single window in this house. . . all 24. . . just because I can.

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