Friday, May 16, 2008

windswept. . .

and rain soaked this morning.

The dogs and I ventured out into a noreaster. . .OK, not that bad. Probably just a really soaking rain. Aside from the huge puddle that soaked me to my socks, we faired pretty well.

Max was a little hesitant at first. New rainy sounds. . .spending the first block and a half with his little ears back. Dude was so wet her collar slipped off twice. Good thing she's an old dog now, because she just waited till I slipped it back on (which would have never happened in her heyday. . .she would have been outta there).

I returned to the sweet smell of brewed coffee in the kitchen(buddy, you're the best!). . .and a cozy, warm house.

You would think that the rainy day thing and the soaking wet fur would have taken the wind out of their sails. . .but the furry guys are bouncing off the walls this morning (especially that yellow one).

Anyway, we Zelis love an adventure: rain or shine.

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